Sam’s Kebab & Gyros welcomes you to the world of the best tastes. Sam’s Kebab & Gyros is known as the best destination for food lovers as it believes in providing lively, tempting food. We know that you like to taste the authenticity of a variety of foods. Our skilled chefs are fully focused on improving your taste experience. They lovingly enrich the dishes with different spices which give the dishes a completely different taste, which you must like. One of the main reasons why Sam’s Kebab & Gyros are becoming so popular is that we not only operate as restaurants but we are also quite sensitive about the quality of the food and are dedicated to satisfying the taste buds of the food lovers.

 We serve authentic food with warm hospitality. Authentic aroma and taste are the main strengths of the food supplied by us which requires special skills to handle. Our spicy, fragrant, delicious chicken kebab will take you to the paradise of taste and bring curiosity to unravel its true secret. In our menu you will find a variety of delicious dishes of your choice with lamb gyro, falafel and salad. One of the reasons for our success is that our skilled chefs have combined their passion, knowledge and experience of cooking year after year, and ways and techniques to use all the spices. If you love to eat sweets and want to make everyday life a little more colorful then you must come to us. You also will get boba tea and smoothies from us every day .The easiest way to introduce your tongue to the best tasting foods is to try our food once or order online for a Sam’s Kebab & Gyros food delivery.

Shawarma, the Middle Eastern delicacy, is one that finds an ardent fan, no matter which country, city, nook or cranny you walk into. The gently grilled juicy meats and fillings, with just the right creaminess, flavor and acidity of Tahini, chili sauce and garlic mayonnaise are a winning combination with the fresh and crunchy salad veggies, all wrapped up in the goodness of a warm, soft Lebanese bread. It makes a great meal. And as die hard foodies would know, a great meal makes a great day! Especially when you have not one, not two, but three delicious Shawarmas in Chicken, Lamb and SoyaPaneer to bite into, you know you’re in for a treat. While a number of versions, variants and combinations of this magnificent wrap have been tried and tested across the country, there can only be one winner – just the one stopover that can make your day the greatest Shawarma day ever –  very simply put, the house of the best Shawarma. Our cheery eyed Shawarma Chef awaits you! Do pay a visit at our first outlet we would love to meet you and share some Shawarma joy!

To be a leading brand in the Middle-Eastern, Quick – Service – Restaurant set-up by providing high-quality, fresh ingredients and an awesome experience at the best price in USA.

Shawarma Journey

Our story began with the subtlest tastes of our tongues and the most delicate sides of our hearts in the marvelously dexter hands of chef Jimmy (Cevdet Usta) who even in his prolific childhood, lured to the elixir of cooking under his father’s restaurant, adopted his passion as profession, gleaned years of experience in different parts of Anatolian and Mediterranean cities. The horizons of his dreams merged with the US 30 years ago in New Jersey. Then, he moved to California with his lots-of-recipe-rife saddlebag. A productive business partnership with Sams Kebab gyros was born. Naturally, now he is the person in diligent charge of all the food preparation with his unique recipes and serving mouth-watering Chicken Doner Kebab, Chicken shawarma and Lamb/ Beef Gyro, Falafel and Salad. Let the taste of our words meet with us in your taste buds…
Smoothies and Boba needless to say, accompany your taste.
Cooking, a constant drive in our journey, is a dimension of love for us as Confucius aptly put: “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Holding this philosophy on top of our heads, here is what we are. So, what are you waiting for? Honor is with your valuable presence and have us feel the joy of serving you lovingly.